My name is Jack Seabolt. I am a web developer and javascript enthusiast from Oakland, California. I design beautiful web applications and websites for businesses of all sizes.

Mobile First

Mobile devices account for 56% of web traffic. To reach customers effectively, businesses must be able to put their best foot forward on all modern web browsers. I approach UI design from a mobile-first perspective to give my clients the edge they need in the modern economy.



Technology: React, Node, Express, Mongo

BuzzKill is a web application that helps restaurants track their customers' blood alcohol content

Album Review

Technology: Ruby on Rails, Postgres

Album Review is a web application for rating your favorite music and sharing your reviews with your friends.

Roommate Finder

Technology: React, Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB

Roommate Finder is an internet application that helps users find the perfect roommate.


Technology: JQuery, Wheather Channel API

StormChaser is a web application for finding the weather in your local area.


Technology: React, Redux, Node, Express, Postgres, NASA API

StarQuiz is a React application for testing your knowledge of the Solar System.


Technology: Swift, Xcode, SpriteKit

Ghostbusters is an iOS videogame. Shoot all the ghosts before they get to you!

About Me

I am a full-stack developer based in Oakland, CA. I have a passion for helping my clients reach their full potential by providing them with customized, mobile-adjusted websites and web applications. Whether you just need a simple, static website or are interested in a more extensive project, I can help you reach the people who will appreciate your business the most.

I develop using a Mongo/Express/React/Node stack. I also regularly work with the following languages and technologies: Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Postgres, ES6, JQuery, Mongoose, SASS, HTML5, Flexbox, RSpec, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme.